The Afghan Hound

The true king of dogs 

 The Afghan hound by far is probably one of the most magnificent living masterpieces created by God.  An ancient breed, dating back to the times of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, God is my guess the original engineer of this flawless breed.  Afghans are way too perfect to be man made like many other breeds.

 Afghan hounds are for the discriminating dog fancier that understands to control an afghan would be like riding the winds on Aladdinís magical carpet.   Afghans are at their best when allowed to be free to enjoy the wind billowing through the tresses of their long, silky flowing coats.

 Our Afghans pedigree is based on the famous Coastwind Kennels with influences from American Show kennels Aries Afghans, Andros Afghans and Gazon.

We are happy that we decided to focus our show dogsí pedigree on the very successful Coastwind bloodline.  30 years later the bloodline is still proving to be a strong force in the breed and weíre proud to have this top-winning kennel behind our dogs.

 Hopefully we will be able to do the bloodline some justice by continuing on with its legacy by breeding spectacular breath taking Afghan Hounds.

 Our success isnít just defined by the success of our dogs in the show ring.  Itís also defined by the success of our dogs in your home and our relationships we build with you.

 We encourage all of our dog owners to stay in touch.  We prefer to call the owners of Xzotika dogs our extended family.  Itís very nice to watch the dogs grow up and learn of all their funny antics in their homes away from home.  Your Afghan will quickly become your little jester making you and your family laugh for many, many years.

 Please sit back, grab your favorite beverage, enjoy the music and join us in our journey through ages past with this ancient breed of breeds and become part of the

 Xzotika Spirit


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