How this light will shine

Surrounded by love, hope, joy and appreciation.

Staring at their creation,

Wondering and praying “how this light will shine”.


Time after time, this thought on their mind.

Bringing back to life missed hopes and dreams,

That were so full of steam

Until life broke their means,

With everyday deeds of work, bills and unmeaningful thrills.


A Tear fell on our light.

Prisms of color like no other…..

Shined through and filled our hearts

Never will they be apart

Wondering and praying “how this light will shine”.


Suddenly, overwhelmed with the realization

We’re responsible for this creation!

A creature of our undying love for one another

Yes, our light will shine brightly

Allowing the all mighty, to smile upon us.

“Well done”!


Our little bundle of joy

Only as big as a toy

Thank God………


It’s a boy 

Written by Jarnell Carter, 1988