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Here are many of the links that we use on a daily basis to help  manage our dogs.  Itís a hodge podge of info available to you at your fingertips.  Everything from where to buy the latest and greatest collar and leash set to some of my most admired afghan hound kennels.


    1. Chris Christenson

   2. Inflight Coat Formula

   3. Pet Edge

   4. Afghan Hound Review (magazine subscription) 

   5. Pictures of -The best pictures and dog info on the internet! 

6. Paws and Claws Pet Transport

7. NW Dog Agility - Dog agility equipment and training products


Registration Services

1. American Kennel Club

2. United Kennel Club

3. Afghan Hound Club of America

4. Afghan Hound Rescue

5.  Afghan Hound Regional Clubs List

To Enter a Show

1. Info Dog

Online Magazines

1. Afghans Online

2. Afghan Hounds International

3. Top Show Dogs

4. Champion Dogs World

Online Communities

1. (A veterinary Information Service)

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Favorite Breeders

1. Coastwind Kennels

2. Aries Afghans

3. Andros Kennels

4. Gazon

5. Quom


Lure Coursing

1. Lure Coursing Fanatics


1. Anuscheka Afghan Hounds

2. Mosso Kennels

3. Jakar Afghans

4. Exlysta Afghans






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