Am CH Xzotika's Man in the Mirror


Am Ch Xzotika's Walkin' on Water X SBIS Am CH Winsong Hollywood Park


4 1/2 Months


We are loving the Jackson experience here at Xzotika.  He's not moon walking yet but I wouldn't put it past this amazing puppy.  He just floats around my yard with effortless reach and drive with ample spring just like his mother did at this age.  His growth has been very balanced so far just like his mother.  He's also a smart dog that loves being with you.  His temperament is very outgoing, curious and playful. Right now he's absorbing everything around him and learning all he can.  He is by far the best tempered dog I have ever had the pleasure of being around. 

12 Months

16 Months

Jackson finished his championship title with 5 majors, 5 BOB's and 1 Hound Group 4 Placement.  

He did all of this by the age of 16 months.  We are looking forward to his specials career in 2011.



This is Jackson in the Group ring at Decatur IL. This is where he won his Group 4 placement.


Jackson crossed the Rainbow bridge in 2011. We will always miss him being here at Xzotika.